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Back in Kampala!

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Update from Uganda: we are doing well! Two of our team members, Laura and Whitney left on Wednesday night and after a couple of delays, I am happy to report they are back in the US safe and sound. The past few days have been incredible. It is so amazing to see the body of Christ at work.

On Tuesday we spent the day at the beads project in the Acholi Quarter. The welcome we received was so special. These ladies are working hard day in and day out to make beads to pay for daily living essentials and school fees. As we toured from one slum home to the next we heard many of the struggles they are facing, yet they have hope; they are taking each day as it comes trusting the Lord is in control and is looking after them. We were able to do a large distribution at the beads project that included totes, clothes, sanitation products, bibles and gospel bracelets. Singing songs, dancing and praying in each of the homes was certainly the highlight for our team.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent at Hidden Treasure, a school built and sponsored by our dear friends, Charlene’s project. A few of our team members were able to visit Hidden Treasure last year and it was an absolute joy being reunited with them. Many of the children remembered us and we likewise remembered them. Seeing the smiling faces of Tracy, Trevor, Shirat, Deborah, Raymond, Mercy…the list goes on and on was wonderful. Mercy was a young lady we wanted to see and pray with. After facing a traumatic experience a few weeks ago, watching her vibrant spirit singing and dancing was a true testimony of her strength and courage. Alongside of the singing and dancing, we were able to share stories with the children about all the creatures of our God and King, looking at animals and learning their sounds.  Another lesson was spent talking about Jesus as the Good Shepherd in John 10 and coloring a depiction of that. The last exercise we did with the children before taking part in sports was writing a note or drawing a picture for a neighbor, friend or family member telling them something nice. Needless to say, our pockets left full of thoughtful notes from our new friends! It truly was a blessed time. We are encouraged by the work of Pastor Eugene and his team.

This morning we head into our weekend segment at the Lugogo Hockey Field. We will be conducting a secondary school clinic this afternoon followed by primary school clinics on Saturday and Sunday. It’s crazy to think our trip is coming to a close. The Lord has been abundantly working from one day to the next and we stand in awe of all He is showing us.

Thank you for your prayers.
God Bless,



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