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Day 2 Lugogo Post – Helen Doolittle

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Updates on Uganda!

To sum up the day in one word … amazing! Like yesterday, we ran a clinic, fed the children and handed out some supplies. But today the kids multiplied so we had about 500. From yesterday’s clinic, it was cool to see all the suggestions of the team implemented and working. Everything just ran so smooth! Every once in awhile I had a chance to stop and glance around the field and look at it all in action. It was a beautiful sight seeing the hundreds of Ugandan kids laughing and running around while they were just being loved on. And that love was completely not of us or by our strength, but of Christ and my hope is that shone through today. My highlight of the day was getting to talk to this one girl named Aweko. For some reason she attached herself to me. She was just the sweetest girl ever. Her smile was contagious. I got to talk to her for a bit and she was just so pure in heart. At the end I gave her a simple bracelet, and she was so grateful, all though she was hesitant to take it because she said “but I have nothing to give to you.” She had already given me way more than anything I could give back to her.

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